General Knowledge Quiz 16

General Knowledge Quiz Part 1:
  1. What small Australian parakeet is often kept as a pet? Budgerigar
  2. In fashion, what are winkle-pickers? Shoes / Boots
  3. Which famous luxury train began service in 1883 running between Paris & Istanbul? Orient Express
  4. In theatre, what 'P' is the name given to objects used on stage during a play? Props
  5. What is the name of Charlie Brown's dog in the Peanuts cartoon strip? Snoopy
  6. Born in 1475, Buonarroti was the surname of which famous Florentine artist? Michelangelo 
  7. What is the name given to a mature female horse? Mare
  8. The town of Tivoli is in which European country? Italy
  9. According to superstition, what are you supposed to do with the money in your pocket if you see a new moon? Turn it Over
  10. Which famous bell was heard chiming in London for the first time in 1859? Big Ben
  11. Which island country is the most westerly part of Africa? Cape Verde
  12. In World War 2, Which British Field Marshal Was Nicknamed 'Monty'? Lord Montgomery
  13. Who Created The Characters Squirrel Nutkin & Peter Rabbit? Beatrix Potter
  14. Members Of Which Profession Takes The Hippocratic Oath? Medical
  15. Which flower is the symbol of Remembrance Day? Poppy
  16. The name of which alternative form of Japanese medicine translated means "finger pressure"? Shiatsu
  17. Which Middle Eastern city is also the name of a type of artichoke? Jerusalem
  18. What is the motto of the Special Air Services (SAS)? `Who dares, wins`
  19. In music, how many full octaves does a standard modern piano have? Seven
  20. The Rumba, Tango & Waltz are all forms of which type of dancing? Ballroom Dancing


General Knowledge Quiz Part 2:
  1. What type of hat is associated with the late comedian Tommy Cooper? Fez
  2. In art, papier-mache is made from glue, water and what other material? Paper
  3. HMS Pinafore and The Pirates of Penzance are operattas written by which famous duo? Gilbert and Sullivan
  4. In the fable, who raced against the tortoise and lost? Hare
  5. Which Semi-Precious Stone Is Made Of Yellowish Fossil Resin From Trees? Amber
  6. By what name is the plant 'nicotiana tabacum' more commonly known? Tobacco
  7. On what date is St George's Day? 23rd April 
  8. What alcoholic drink originated in Portugal and is made from wine fortified with brandy? Port
  9. What is 13 x 4? 52
  10. In the nursery rhyme, Peter Piper picked a peck of what? Pickled Pepper
  11. With which British city would you associate the comedians Ken Dodd, Jimmy Tarbuck & Tom O' Connor? Liverpool
  12. Which Church In Northern England Is The Largest Gothic Cathedral In The UK? York Minster
  13. Gentoo, Little Blue & Fairy - Are All Types Of Which Creature? Penguin
  14. On which day of the week are general elections held in Britain? Thursday
  15. If you're on a boat called "Maid of the Mist" you're looking at which of natural spectacle? Niagara Falls
  16. Insulin is commonly used to treat which condition? Diabetes
  17. In sport, what was the nickname of the Irish Snooker Player Alex Higgins? Hurricane Higgins
  18. When women first got the vote in Britain in 1918, how old did they have to be? 30
  19. In Horse Racing Where Is The Grand National Held? Aintree
  20. What historic event does the nursery rhyme `Ring-a-ring of roses` commemorate? The Great Plague

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