General Knowledge Quiz 17

General Knowledge Quiz Part 1:
  1. What would a darts player score if he threw a double 7 and a triple 20? 74
  2. Which British Prime Minister was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature? Sir Winston Churchill
  3. What boy’s name is also the capital of the Falkland Islands? Stanley
  4. What would you be eating if you ordered a 'toad in the hole'? Sausages in Batter
  5. TV comedy ‘Dad’s Army’ was set during which conflict? World War 2
  6. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
  7. Which famous cartoon characters catchphrase was ‘Well blow me down’? Popeye
  8. Which tree was traditionally planted in graveyards and is associated with eternity? Yew Tree
  9. In which decade did Queen Elizabeth II become the British monarch? 1950’s
  10. What is the term for when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, blocking out light from the latter? A Solar Eclipse
  11. What's the name of Captain Hook's ship in the 1911 novel Peter Pan? The Jolly Roger
  12. An act of 1864 outlawed children doing what job, for which they were often employed as they were smaller than adults and it was thought they could do a better job as a result? Chimney Sweep
  13. Who were the stars of the film "A Streetcar Named Desire"? Marlon Brando & Vivien Leigh
  14. Which Queen was on the Egyptian throne between 51 and 31 BC? Cleopatra
  15. In marriage, what 'D' is property or money given by the bride's family to the groom or his family? Dowry
  16. In the animal kingdom, what is a Macaw? A Bird (Parrot)
  17. In The Motorcycling Isle Of Man TT Competition, What Does TT Stand For? Tourist Trophy
  18. According To The Nursery Rhyme What City Did Doctor Foster Go To? Gloucester 
  19. What Is The English Name Of The Welsh National Anthem? Land of my Fathers
  20. Which city did the ancient Greeks by legend besiege for 10 years? Troy


General Knowledge Quiz Part 2:
  1. Which famous London department store opened on 15th March, 1909? Selfridges
  2. Who wrote `The Wind In The Willows`? Kenneth Grahame
  3. Which trumpet player is said to have invented the word `jazz`? Louis Armstrong
  4. Which war started on the 25th of June 1950? Korean War
  5. What type of singing is usually associated with Alpine dwellers? Yodelling
  6. Who played the leading characters Rhett Butler and Scarlett O`Hara in the film `Gone With The Wind`?
    Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh
  7. What animal name is given to the reflective studs used to mark traffic lanes? Cats Eyes
  8. In History, Which English Monarch Decided To Dissolve Parliament For Eleven Years? Charles 1st
  9. In Film, Who Won An Oscar For Her Portrayal Of Fanny Brice In Funny Girl? Barbra Streisand
  10. In Which Us City Might You Visit Bourbon Street And Basin Street? New Orleans
  11. What are the names of the four suits in a modern pack of playing cards? Spades, Hearts, Diamonds & Clubs
  12. What Is The Name Of Frank Sinatra's Singing Daughter? Nancy Sinatra
  13. The Channel Island Jersey lends its name to which farm animal? Cow
  14. Open-weave tights and stockings are commonly known as what? Fishnets
  15. In which country would you be if you found yourself at the furthest point from any ocean? China
  16. In the story 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll, which character threw a tea party? The Mad Hatter
  17. Who was the Conservative Prime Minister from 1955 to 1957? Sir Anthony Eden
  18. Which `brothers` had a number one hit in May 1958 with `All I Have To Do Is Dream`? The Everly Brothers
  19. What country lies between India and Afghanistan? Pakistan
  20. The Author Reverend W.V. Awdrey Wrote Children's Books About Which Famous Blue Engine? Thomas The Tank Engine

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