Word Challenge #1

How to Play:

Make as many words as you can using the letters below. You can also unscramble the letters to make a 9 letter word. If participants get stuck, try giving them clues (we've included a word list below to help.)


N U E R L D O S C 

Words List:

4 Letter Words: Clue, Code, Cold, Cone, Cord, Corn, Crud, Cued, Cues, Curd, Cure, Curl, Dens, Dose, Docs, Does, Dole, Done, Dose, Duel, Dune, Duos, Ecru, Ends, Eros, Euro, Lend, Lens, Lode, Lone, Lord, Lose, Loud, Luce, Ludo, Lure, Nerd, Node, Nods, Noel, Nose, Nude, Once, Onus, Ours, Redo, Rode, Rods, Role, Rose, Rude, Rule, Rune, Runs, Scud, Send, Sled, Sloe, Slur, Sold, Sole, Sore, Soul, Sour, Sued, Sure, Undo, Used, User,

5 Letter Words: Clone, Close, Cloud, Clued, Clues, Coder, Codes, Colds, Coned, Cones, Cords, Cores, Could, Crude, Cruel, Curds, Cured, Cures, Curls, Curse, Decor, Doles, Drone, Duels, Dunce, Dunes, Duroc, Enrol, Euros, Lends, Locus, Loner, Lords, Loser, Louse, Lured, Lures, Nerds, Nodes, Nosed, Nudes, Nurse, Olden, Ounce, Roles, Round, Rouse, Ruled, Rules, Runes, Scold, Scone, Score, Scorn, Scour, Snore, Sound, Ulcer, Uncle, Under,

6 Letter Words: Censor, Cloned, Clones, Closed, Closer, Clouds, Colder, Conure, Course, Crones, Curdle, Curled, Cursed, Drones, Dunces, Enrols, Escudo, Louder, Loused, Nodule, Nursed, Ounces, Resold, Roused, Scored, Second, Snored, Solder, Source, Ulcers, Uncles, Unsold,

7 Letters Words: Closure, Counsel, Coursed, Curdles, Nodules, Roundel, Scorned, Scoured, Sounder, Sourced,

8 Letter Words: Roundels,

9 Letter Word: Scoundrel

* This is not an definitive list, there may be more potential answers.

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